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Episode 004 – MBTI Smackdown

What if everything in our inaugural episode on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is wrong? Bestselling author Adam Grant, Wharton professor of organizational psychology, explains his objections to the MBTI this episode by showing how scientific research about personality evolved in the decades since the MBTI’s creation.  He offers a modern alternative, the Big Five personality traits, as a repeatable, comprehensive, and useful way of describing personality.


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Episode 003 – Mentoring and the Hovding Helmet

We continue the discussion around mentoring started in Episode 001, this time from the mentor’s perspective.  Being a mentor is, perhaps surprisingly, a great way to grow yourself, as the distillation of past experiences into current advice affords the opportunity of reflection leading to growth.  I give tips on how to make the most of being a mentor, and how to avoid the dreaded Zombie Mentorship.


The second half captures an amazing moment in the Facebook London office recently, where Sławek Biel demonstrated the amazing Hövding, an auto-inflating bicycle helmet that deploys only when needed, much like an airbag.  You really need to see the video to believe it!

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